About us

Connected by the passion, hunting tradition and the beauty of the Polish woods,
we decided to make the dreams come true through the exciting hunting,
meetings and hunting adventures.

hubert(2)_03Hubert-Hunting Hunting Agency was established for people for whom hunting is not only a form of a leisure time but, above all, a common hobby, liking for and passion, which has contributed to the creation of this agency allowing us to organise exciting hunts.

hubert(2)_06Hunters who prefer individual hunting can take a full day hunt for red deer, roe deer, fallow deer and wild boars. Those who want to hunt with friends we propose the full excitement of driven hunting.

hubert(2)_10As the hunters with many years of experience we show our guests the essence of true hunting and the beauty of Polish woods and of Polish tradition. We can recommend some of the best places to hunt in Poland, in which the quality of the obtained trophies is sure to meet your expectations. Moreover, the members of the hunting association with the cooperating companies along share the same passion for the fauna of our hunting territories.

hubert(2)_12Honesty, friendly atmosphere and professional approach to the game are just some of the advantages of our company. In our business we are all committed to ensure our guests always leave with beautiful trophies and unforgettable impressions of the hunting.

hubert(2)_16The seat of our family business is surrounded by forests of Drawsko Pomorskie. We specialize in the organization of hunting big game in the Pomeranian part of the country renowned for the best hunting grounds in Poland. The acquisition of medal game trophies should not be uncommon here.