Driven Hunting

They are organized in autumn/winter season beginning from 1st October until 15th January. Our hunting areas include red deer, fallow deer, roe deer and wild boar. Group huntings are generally based on chase and dogs. We offer some well-trained dogs for the game searching.

Your hunting adventure starts with the afternoon arrival to our headquarters. Then you are going to meet our professionals: Polish tour guides, interpreters and leaders in order to arrange all the necessary details, according to Polish hunting regulations. The hunting itself starts usually at 8.00 in the morning; the beginning is accompanied with hunting signals. Then there is some info concerning safety instructions. The morning session usually lasts up to 12:00 AM and includes at least 4 to 5 chases. The lunch is served after the first session; it is always a hot meal. At 12:30 another session opens and this one lasts until around 4 PM (the weather is a key factor here), ending with hunting signals as well. Then comes the roy/viceroy ceremony and the hunters come back at their premises to spend the night there.

The hunting prices are based on either:

  • - Hubert-Hunting Hunting Agency brochures (which include both the accommodation and hunting costs)
  • - Fix price which is negotiated between the hunters and the game area owner; prior to sending a voucher.

Our offer includes:

  • -Arranging and closing up the hunting area
  • -Other hunting arrangements (enough leading men for each session)
  • -Assessing and preparation of the trophies
  • -Transport within the hunting area
  • -Hot food in the forest and accommodation at our premises
  • -The roy/viceroy crowning ceremony (also souvenirs)

If you think you may be interested in our offer, please send us an enquiry which we will reply to as soon as possible. You may also fill in an online form on our website or simply call us. Suggested hunting costs depend on the season and are carefully prepared by our Bureau according to the seasonal price brochures.

Hubert Hunting Hunting Agency offers you the most convenient hunting areas, a comfortable accommodation and reasonable hunting costs for the hunters and their fellows. We can arrange any hunting according to your specific needs and/or collect you from airports all around Poland (the service is paid separately).

We usually send our bank account details as soon as our offer is formally accepted and the hunting team list has been sent to us. The day we receive your advance payment we will send a proper voucher which is considered to be the formal hunting permit.


Stag: 21 August – till the end of February
Hind: 1 September - 15 January
Calf: 1 September – till the end of February


Stag: 1 September — till the end of February
Hind: 1 September - 15 January
Calf: 1 September – till the end of February


Buck: 11 May — 30 September
Doe and Kid: 1 October — 15 January


Sow, Tusker, Piglets
: all year


1 September — 30 November


1 June — 31 March


all year


15 August — 21 December

It’s time to hunt
do not wait